On this July 4th, I pray for and am thankful for this country of America.

While freedom and peace seem more elusive and complex than ever, it is still worth our creative energies to keep those dreams alive for every living person. Even with our challenges, my heart holds on to the words from a song I heard as a young boy: ”Let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with me.” 

Today is also the release of the music video for the song, “Solstice,” the first track on my recently released album The Healing. This video takes you on a beautiful panoramic journey through the seasons and the endless wonders of God’s creation. More than anything, I hope it can serve as a reminder of how much we have to be thankful for. The Divine is all around us… if we just open our eyes to it.  

There is a great healing power in creation. I love all the ways nature has helped my faith: sometimes through a sunrise or sunset, sometimes in a snow-covered mountain or calm lake.  Nature helps me stay ‘connected’ and gives me hope. It’s infinite design and perfection makes the wisest of us doubt our doubts in the Divine and awakens our child-like imaginations. 

I pray that the soothing music of “Solstice,” coupled with amazing footage from around the world, can inspire you, encourage you, and bring you peace on this special day.  

And may God bless this land of America.

The Healing is a project that has been on my heart for many years. It’s a collection of soothing instrumentals (culminating with a medley of two timeless spirituals) that I pray will bring you peace as you listen.

Interestingly, the title track was the final song added to the album. It developed organically over the first weekend that shelter-in-place mandates had begun in the United States (March 2020). I wasn’t looking to write something, but between Saturday morning and Sunday evening, the song was complete, and it was clear there was a divine timing and purpose. For something so poignant to arrive during a time of great pain, it felt natural to name the song and album after the healing we all needed.

Miracles come in many ways (including the Divine), but they happen most often through the love and care we give to each other. Whether it’s a smile, a kind word, or a shoulder to lean on, we need one another to make each other whole. Together, we are the healing.


My heart is full of thanks – starting with my wife Sheila, my daughter Brooke, and my son Joseph. You have helped bring this project to life and are my healing every day. I would also like to thank my piano teacher of 12 years, Mrs. Betty Stasson, who taught me “can’t” is a four letter word! To all my Covenant Church and Daystar family of worshippers, it’s been great fun and an honor to worship God with you. To Marcus & Joni Lamb, I’d like to give a special thanks for believing in the call on my life, allowing it to grow, and sharing it with the world. 

And finally, to my late father, Joseph Ninowski, Sr. — who survived both the Great Depression and being shot down during WWII — and my mother Linda — who escaped the Holocaust, was a mother of four, and survived my father’s early passing. You both taught me that nothing is ever above you or below you… to be humble, to get back up again, to make a difference. To be, in fact, The Healing. This project is for you both.